Crankworx Les Gets 2016

The resort of Les Gets hosted the Crankworx event for the first time. Here's a look back at the five days of competitions and shows!


The Whip-Off kicked off the first edition of the Crankworx in Les Gets.
Almost 100 invited riders took part in the competition. The 20 finalists had a blast during a 20-minute session, which commentator Cam McCaul called one of the craziest he had ever seen. Even the judges had a hard time deciding on the winner! Only one jump made the difference between the two finalists. Despite Ryan Howard’s amplitude, Bernardo Cruz won because of his style.

“This Whip-Off is the most difficult one I’ve ever done, I’ve never dealt with wooden modules before, it was really new to me,” reveals Casey BROWN (CAN). “It was a learning experience for me. I had to change my jumping technique because I couldn’t start the whip on the wood. I wasn’t confident. In the women’s event, Brown dominates the discipline. She has won the last three competitions of 2015 and the first leg of the 2016 World Tour Oceania Championship presented by Spank in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Results hommes

  1. Bernardo CRUZ (BRA)
  2. Ryan “R-Dogg“ HOWARD (USA)
  3. Louis REBOUL (FRA)

Results femmes

  1. Casey BROWN (CAN)
  2. Jill KINTNER (USA)
  3. Elizabeth REDZBETZ (ITA)

Summary — Whip-off

Crankworx Les Gets

Slopestyle – Best trick

The athletes opted for a condensed version on the last modules: the winner was the one with the best trick ! Brett Rheeder explains that he wanted to compete and earn points with this event. He chose to show us an oppo-trick that he had trained hard on for the Crankworx Rotorua, New Zealand final, which was just short of perfection to win. Nicholi ROGATKIN (USA), meanwhile, gave it his all on his impressive new trick: The ‘Twister’. The athlete misjudged his speed to execute his “1080 rotation” on the last jump and ended up on the edge of the jump with the crowd at his feet, completely unharmed despite the fall.

“I was stunned, standing on top of the jump, not believing what had just happened to me. The way I landed so hard, my shoulder or worse could have been ripped out. It was so crazy that I just stood there,” he said.

Results hommes

  1. Nicholi ROGATKIN (USA) – “Twister“
  2. Antoine BIZET (FRA) – “Oppo-Cash Roll“
  3. Brett RHEEDER (CAN) – “Oppo Cork 720“

Summary — Slopestyle


The Crankworx brings together every year the best mountain bike athletes on different stages around the world. Find the program of the next events on !


Sunday 19 June brought some beautiful sunny weather, resulting in a memorable race on the slopes of Mont Chéry for this last day in the French Alps.
Riders Morgane CHARRE and Remi THIRION mastered the terrain, managing to cross the finish line after many slides to take the victory respectively.

“Today, you just had to stay on your bike… I have never experienced such conditions in a downhill, (…) I am happy to have won,” said THIRION. CHARRE is delighted with his victory and has never ridden such a track: “It was slippery and difficult to keep your line but I liked it, it was fun”.

The Crankworx Les Gets Downhill was undoubtedly the most eagerly awaited race of these 5 days, not only for its historic route but also for its particular conditions. Indeed, part of the route follows the mythical track of the 2004 World Championships, where Fabien BAREL (FRA) and Steve PEAT (GBR) competed.

Results hommes

  1. Rémi THIRION (FRA)
  2. Brendan FAIRCLOUGH (GBR)
  3. Jack MOIR (AUS)

Results femmes

  1. Morgane CHARRE (FRA)
  3. Tracey HANNAH (AUS)

Summary — DH

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