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1117 mètres

The Col de Cou (1117m) located at the start of the Vallée Verte, presents several sides with varying degrees of difficulty… Starting from Boëge, Draillant, Fessy or Habère-Lullin. The side starting from Boëge is the longest with the first part being fairly easy, the second part has more sustained climb (6 to 8%), and to finish, the final kilometre is at 4.5%. The side starting from Draillant is a little more difficult with a start at 7% then an average climb of 6% . The side starting from Fessy is the hardest of the 4 sides: an arduous climb of 7 km at an average of 8%. There is an opportunity to see a memorial to the Resistance. The side starting from Habère-Lullin is the shortest – 6.5 km – and reasonably consistent at an average of 4.5%

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Mountain pass

Col de Cou

1117 m
Difficult circuit

Col de Cou Mountain pass

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