MTB World Championships 2022

The UCI MOUNTAIN BIKE World Championships were held in Les Gets in 2022!

The World Championships in Les Gets

Eighteen years after the 2004 UCI MTB World Championships, Les Gets, in co-organisation with the French Cycling Federation, hosted the UCI MTB World Championships from 24 to 28 August 2022.
Come and see the results and the results of the event.


The qualifications started strongly on Friday afternoon. With the French in good shape, Benoit Coualnge and Amaury Pierron took the lead in the qualifications. For the women, Myriam Nicole takes a comfortable first place.
Just like the qualifications, the following day, the final offered a historic show. A podium kept for Myriam Nicole, with the 3rd place of this final. For the men, an exclusively French final podium, a historic triple.


  1. Loic Bruni (FR)
  2. Amaury Pierron (FR)
  3. Loris Vergier (FR)


  1. Valentina Höll (AUT)
  2. Nina Hoffman (ALL)
  3. Myriam Nicole (FR)


It was under the rain that the short track cross-country races took place. This one gave a beautiful race full of bounce and fall… Pauline Ferrand Prevot did not give in and maintained her first place throughout the race to take the gold. For the men, our French athletes abstained from the race in order to save themselves for Sunday’s Olympic cross-country race, so it was the Australian Samuel Gaze who won.


  1. Samuel Gaze (NZ)
  2. Filippo Colombo (CH)
  3. Thomas Litscher (CH)


  1. Pauline Ferrant-Prévot (FR)
  2. Alessandra Keller (CH)
  3. Gwendalyn Gibson (USA)


Last day, last events of these World Championships. The Olympic cross country is expected…
The French Pauline Ferrand Prevot will live up to this expectation with a second first place during this weekend, a second domination throughout the race that allows her a second comfortable head of the podium.
For the French after Friday’s rest, we find Jordan Sarrou in 6th place.


  1. Nino Schurter (CH)
  2. David Valero (ESP)
  3. Lucas Braidot (IT)


  1. Pauline Ferrant-Prévot (FR)
  2. Jolanda Neff (CH)
  3. Haley Batten (USA)


A new event welcomed to these World Championships, the electric mountain bike cross country. The French are doing justice to this new practice. One more double for the men this weekend with Jérôme Gilloux dominating followed by Hugo Pigeon in second place. Honourable mention for Emeri Ienzer at the foot of the podium in 4th place.
For the women, it is the Swiss Nicole Goldi who finishes on the first step, followed by our French Justine Tonso.


  1. Jérôme Guilloux (FR)
  2. Hugo Pigeon (FR)
  3. Joris Ryf (CH)


  1. Nicole Goldi (CH)
  2. Justine Tonse (FR)
  3. Nathalie Schneitter (CH)

174 000

This is the number of visitors who came to Les Gets in the 5 days of competitions.


volunteers participated in the smooth running and organisation of the week.


media were accredited for the event, resulting in 50 hours of broadcasting worldwide and over 400 press articles.

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